Domestic partner coverage with respect to group health insurance

With the increase in chances of health issues faced by a large number of individuals, people are now opting for the Medicare Supplement Plans. It helps them to select the plan which suits their health care needs for their future. This will help them to remain stress-free from any of the financial cost which might be incurred due to the poor health. Costs incurred will be paid by the Medicare Supplement plans.

Many different kinds of Medicare Supplement Plans exist. Some of the plans are for the individual while even group plans are available for the organization. They will be helpful to cover a large number of employees who are working over there. It will help them if they suffer from any of the health issues even in the organization. This will mostly prove to be useful for the organization who are having hazardous environments.

Details of the Domestic Partner Coverage

When you are having a domestic partner under the coverage then Medicare will pay first under the conditions discussed over here. Medicare will pay first if both of the given conditions apply.

  1. A domestic partner is entitled to the plan based on their age and as per the rules of Medicare.
  2. Group health plan coverage is available with the domestic partner based on the current employment status of his/her partner.

There are also a few of conditions upon which Medicare will pay second. We have discussed here those conditions which can make Medicare pay second.

  1. Domestic partner entitled for Medicare based on their disability. It can even include the coverage which the partner has by means of large group health plan based on their own employment status or status of family member.
  2. For a period of 30 months when the partner is eligible for the Medicare. It will also include a cover by means of a group health plan.
  3. In the case when a domestic partner is eligible on the basis of their age and having group coverage based on their employment status.

When these conditions are present then there is a likely chance that your Medicare will pay second.


Thus, we can say that one can have domestic partner coverage in their health insurance. Based on the way in which they are enrolled will determine whether Medicare will pay as a primary or secondary payer. One can go through the conditions to identify which matches with them to know their own payer status.