Useful Buying Tips For Air-Dried Beef Slabs

If you're looking for a unique meal to enjoy with the family, you might want to purchase a slab of air-dried beef from the store. Moisture has been removed from it and thus will have a unique taste. Using these tips, you can purchase this particular beef variety with confidence.

Find a Butcher With Ample Air-Drying Experience 

If you want to have more confidence in the slab of air-dried beef you purchase from a store, then you need to make sure it's coming from a butcher who has a lot of experience with this particular cooking method. Then you won't be nervous about the taste or quality of meat you end up with.

You just need to find out which butchers have been air-drying beef for a long time and thus have their methods down to a science. You can discuss a butcher's specific air-drying methods with them too to make sure you're getting this beef from the right source.

Focus on the Right Seasonings

Air-dried beef is often seasoned in different ways to bring out the flavors in the meat. You have a lot of seasoning choices to consider, but it's important to focus on options you particularly like because this helps you make a better air-dried beef selection at the store.

You might like seasonings that are sweet or those that have a bold flavor. Once you take enough time to assess your flavor preferences, you'll know what preparation methods to look for with air-dried beef when you shop for it in person.

Ask For Some Samples

If you've never had the chance to enjoy air-dried beef, then you might want to ask the butcher you're buying from for some samples. Then you can get a brief taste of a couple of different air-dried beef slabs and thus have a better idea of what to purchase in larger quantities.

Just keep an open mind during these samplings and really take time to assess the flavors that come through. Then you'll know for certain which air-dried beef variety is going to bring you the most satisfaction as a consumer.

Air-dried beef is basically meat that has had its moisture taken away, thus giving it a harder, dryer texture. If you're looking to purchase some of this beef from a store the next time you shop for groceries, make sure you target the right beef slabs in particular. Then you'll get more out of this meat investment. 

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