A Look At The Most Noteworthy Benefits Of Organic Foods

While many people have grown to be more interested in the foods they eat, organic foods are often passed over. In reality, organic foods are well worth a trip to the health food store because they offer a host of advantages. Take a look at a few of the most noteworthy benefits of organic foods. 

Organic foods are less likely to contain chemicals 

Commercial food products can contain a full list of chemicals that are added to perform certain functions. For example, bread may contain chemical preservatives to retain shelf stability, and, canned vegetables may contain added chemicals to retain color. One perk of buying organic foods at a health food store is you will not find a lot of these same chemicals. Fresh produce is also not likely to be treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers during the growth process. Additionally, the organic meat will likely be antibiotic-free and organically fed. 

Organic foods can be more nutrient-dense 

Certain nutrients can be lacking in non-organic foods. For example, milk that goes through the extensive pasteurization process to make it shelf stable may be lacking the normal abundance of nutrients. Likewise, organic fruits and vegetables may be more nutrient-rich due to not being genetically manipulated during cultivation. Therefore, the foods that you purchase that are labeled organic at the health food store may even be better for you. 

Organic fresh foods may come from local suppliers 

A lot of shoppers enjoy the idea of buying food from local suppliers, and a lot of organic fresh foods may come from a closer source. Because these foods are produced without the typical preservatives, they have to make it from the farm to the retailer as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is usually more feasible for fresh produce and meat to come from suppliers that are in closer proximity. While this may not be true with all fresh produce, you will find many foods that come from sources nearby in an organic market. 

Organic produce is not genetically modified 

If you prefer to steer clear of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), organic food is definitely a good pick. GMO food has been genetically altered so that it contains certain traits, such as higher resilience to mold or pests. While this change can produce a higher yield for the commercial farmer, many nutrients may be lost in the process. Furthermore, there have been questions about how consistent consumption of genetically-modified food may affect human health. 

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